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Corinne Bonetta

Certified Practising Speech Pathologist

BAppSc(SpPath)   Sydney University

I’m so glad you found me.

Feeding matters, and when it doesn’t go the way you want it to, it can be the hardest time of the day for you and your family.

Worrying about baby fussing at the breast or bottle? Is it tantrum central when the veggies come out? Are chicken nuggets your child’s staple meal? Are you stressed about growth and nutrition? Is the iPad the only thing getting your child to sit and eat? Is Aunty Sue’s two cents worth about your child’s feeding difficulties really starting to get up your goat?

Well, your worries are finally over! Help is at hand! And Aunty Sue, she means well.

I am here to help you, just like I have helped so many mums and dads just like you.

Feeding Happy Kids is a Speech Pathology service specialising in providing eating and drinking support for babies and young children who are having difficulties with:

  • Breast or bottle feeding

  • Difficulties with introduction to solids, and age-appropriate texture progressions

  • Fussy eating and restricted feeding patterns

  • Oral aversion - refusing foods and drinks most of the time

  • Tube weaning

I have been providing Speech Pathology services to families through hospitals and community health sites in Sydney and across the Illawarra and Shoalhaven for over 6 years.


My job is to help families take back the enjoyment that should come from watching your child eat and drink.. happily!

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