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Standard initial assessment appointment: 90 minutes.

Review and therapy appointment times will be negotiated with you, based on your child’s needs.

Feeding Happy Kids provides  mobile therapy services and  telehealth ( Video sessions). I can help you to achieve your goals, from the comfort of your own home.


You do not need a referral to book in, however, involvement with a Paediatric Dietician or Paediatrician is preferable prior to making an appointment if your child has growth concerns.

Do you work with kids with feeding difficulties and want to learn more?


Help our kids with feeding difficulties feel safe, supported, and included in mealtimes at home or at school, no matter where you are in Australia. I offer staff education packages and staff training support for educators and allied health professionals over video or in person. 


Please click the ‘contact me’ button below for all enquiries about my services.

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