Leah Vandervliet

Paediatric Dietician

BHlthSc (Nutrition and Dietetics) (Hons) Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) Accredited Nutritionist (AN)

About me

Meet Leah, our versatile and skilled Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist. Depending on the time of day, Leah might be offering nutritional advice, crafting a new book, or embarking on the wonderful journey of parenting—sometimes all at once!

Leah is passionate about the unique nutritional needs of children at every stage of development, from newborns to teenagers. Recognising that children are not just small adults, she applies her extensive knowledge and experience as a Paediatric Dietitian to provide specialised care that supports healthy growth and development.

Her areas of interest are broad yet focused: nutrition during pregnancy and early childhood, infant feeding, managing fussy eating habits, and supporting children with feeding difficulties and type 1 diabetes. Each area is crucial for setting the foundation of lifelong health and dietary habits.

Leah’s approach is characterised by a deep understanding of the complexities associated with feeding and nutrition in children. She works closely with families to tailor strategies that fit each child’s needs, ensuring that dietary advice is not only effective but also practical for everyday life.

Discover more about Leah and her work at The Paediatric Dietitian.

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