Baby smiles while holding spoon surrounded by healthy foods colour coded like a rainbow on a green floor

Feeding assessments are the first step towards diagnosing what your child may need to eat a happily healthy range of foods. Our feeding assessments are conducted in our Wollongong clinic.

​We offer:

- Comprehensive feeding assessments

- Personalised feeding intervention plans

- Mealtime management plans

- Hands on parent coaching and mentoring

- Provision of NDIS letters of support and reports

- Clinical support and supervision to individual therapists or whole clinics who support children with feeding difficulties

​We will Seek to understand:

  • Feeding history and current challenges
  • Sensorimotor skills and preferences
  • Mealtime routines

If you're looking for assistance in understanding and addressing your child's eating and drinking behaviours, Feeding Happy Kids is here to support you. Together, we can build a foundation of understanding, compassion, and effective strategies to transform mealtimes into moments of connection and joy.​

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can assist your family on this journey towards creating inclusive feeding environments and harmonious mealtimes.

We support NDIS

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